How to Buy the Right CBD?


Can’t decide what kind of CBD oil is for you?

You’re not alone!

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that dabbling with CBD isn’t that easy. There are lots of tiny details to cover that potentially make or break your therapeutic course. This includes things like extraction methods, THC levels, and concentration levels.

Plus, you’ve got to go to credible sources when you buy the product. That’s because CBD oil is the hottest commodity in the medical market right now. That means that stumbling upon the wrong product is a liability.

But fret not! We’ve created an easy-to-follow buying guide for CBD oil for your first purchase. It’ll allow you to make the right decision without any hesitation.


How to Buy CBD?

The Factors: How to Choose the Right CBD Oil?

Let’s look at the main factors you need to consider to buy CBD oil:

1. The Source 

For starters, you must do a background check on the CBD Company that you plan to purchase from. This is especially true for off-the-counter drugs. That’s because as prescribed CBD oils will already be verified by your medical practitioner.

Here are some questions you should ask:

  • Is the company reputable?
  • Is the CBD oil made legally?
  • How do they extract the oil?
  • Is the product organic? Or chemically made?
  • What do consumer reports say about their CBD products?
  • Is the transaction transparent?

If you can’t find the answer to these questions, then you should opt for an alternative source. The main reason for this is that CBD cons are quite common in the UK and other regions. So it’s safer for you to be cautious about the source beforehand.

2. Extraction Methods

CBD’s extraction process is another thing that should influence your decision. That’s because the method can modify the genetic composition of the plant extract.

Generally, pharmaceutical companies extract the oil by applying pressure to the hemp plant. The external force causes the plant oils to come out. The substance is then acquired by the CBD companies in order to manufacture their herbal tonics.

The main extraction method includes the use:

  • Butane
  • Distillation method
  • Natural solvents (food grade ethanol)
  • CO2 method

Amongst these, CO2 is considered the best method to obtain CBD oil. That’s because it’s more precise and it allows the manufacturer to adjust the pressure of the gas to retrieve the right ratio of CBD. This characteristic comes in handy for medicines that require a specific composition.

3. Broad Spectrum vs. Isolation

The composition of CBD oil contributes to its benefits. Thus, it’s important for you to decide whether you should get full-spectrum CBD oil or one made in isolation.

What’s the difference? Isolated CBD is a purified version of the oil. It contains only one active compound that cures your ails. On the other hand, broad spectrum oil contains numerous active compounds found in the plant.

On the surface, it looks like opting for purified oil is the best option. It’s great for individuals who’re allergic to other cannabinoids. Additionally, those who don’t want high doses of THC to enter their system and show up in a drug test.

However, one research reveals that we can’t ignore the health benefits of broad spectrum oils.  The synergetic effects active ingredients (i.e. proteins, fatty acids, terpenes, fibre, and flavonoids) have great potential. They’re capable of tackling more health problems than CBD made in isolation.

We will get more conclusive results after further research is conducted on this entourage effect.

Therefore, you should select the type of CBD oil that can cure your specific ailment. Both versions have their medicinal advantages, so no option is the wrong one.

4. THC Levels

Can CBD oil make you high?

It depends on how much tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is present inside the CBD oil.

 As a rule of thumb, most medical companies keep THC levels to a minimum. That’s because they understand the consumer’s hesitation to use a product that can intoxicate them. They also wish to avoid the drowsiness and other side effects caused by the presence of the psychoactive compound.

So it’s best for you to avoid CBD blends that include THC in high quantities.

The best tactic is to check the ingredient list before making the final purchase. You may, however, buy CBD oil with minimum of 0.3% THC levels. Not only is this a normal occurrence in most CBD oils, but it’s also safe for use.

Plus, the high concentration of cannabidiol is medically proven to counter the intoxicating influence of THC. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about getting high when you use the product.

5. Price 

Admittedly, most first-timers would go for the best available deal instead of the pricier purchase.  This is completely natural to do so when you’re on a budget. However, cheap deals often wound up to be a ripoff. They’re also less likely to provide you with a high-quality product.

So if you’re looking for a valuable purchase then always stick to a trustworthy source. If the price seems too high for you then you can wait for discount rates or sales. You can also go through reviews and online platforms like Amazon that sell high quality products at low prices.

The Usage: How to Make the Most of Your Purchase?

So you’ve bought the CBD oil―what next?

It’s evident that you’ll either apply it topically or consume it orally. Nonetheless, you must take some precautionary measures while you use CBD oil for the first time.

Here are a few safety tips to avoid any problems:

  • Always start with a low dosage.
  • Avoid changing your dose without discussing it with a doctor.
  • Make sure to track the changes in your body during the first month to ensure that it’s effective for you.
  • Contact your doctor if you suffer from prolonged side effects (e.g. nausea, rash, gastrointestinal disease, etc.)

 That’s it! You’re ready to step into the medical world of CBD oil.

Let’s Sum It Up...

In short, you must delve deep into the company before you buy CBD oil. We have done this for you by making sure that companies pass our rigorous vetting process.

So what are you waiting for? Follow this buying guide for CBD oil to make the right choice.

Watch this space for more updates on CBD oil.




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