CBD Oil To Be Available on Prescription by NHS

Slowly but surely, the debate around legalised Cannabis has been reaching a boiling point.

Though politicians like Norman Lamb (LD) and Crispin Blunt (Con) have put forward bills to legalise Cannabis in the UK in the past, the debate had largely stalled in the UK, with neither of the major parties pushing legalisation forward. The government was largely satisfied with watching the experiment unfold in other countries, until the high profile case involving Charlotte Caldwell and her epileptic son Billy - who had his CBD oil seized at Heathrow Airport when returning from Canada – hit front pages across the UK.

Billy, who also lives with autism and uses cannabis oil to treat his conditions, was the central figure in a national debate about the need to reconsider the therapeutic effects of cannabis oil, and CBD in specific.

As a result, on Oct. 12 the UK government announced that starting on Nov. 1, certain doctors will, for the first time ever, be able to prescribe CBD oil for patients they view as requiring it. The law change came after the Home Secretary listened to concerns from both the medical community as well as the parents of children with conditions such as severe epilepsy. While the change in the law does not go as far as it could have, it is certainly a step in the right direction.

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