Using CBD to Treat Seizures


Seizures occur when there’s abnormal activity in the brain. Seizures are a cause of epilepsy, but not everyone who has seizures has epilepsy. There are two main types of seizures; focal and generalized. Under these two, there are different kinds of seizures some of which include loss of awareness of your surroundings, and sometimes, loss of consciousness.

CBD is extracted from cannabis oil and is known to cure insomnia, anxiety and migraines. Seizures are also one of the things that CBD is known to help with. CBD relaxes the mind and body and the best thing about CBD is that it’s natural.

How CBD can help with Seizures

For years, people have smoked cannabis to prevent seizures and epilepsy. Cannabis consumption was relatively reduced for a period of time since it became illegal in many parts of the world, but there is no denying the fact that cannabis can help with health issues.

According to recent research, CBD is known to cure seizures and epilepsy in patients who have not responded to other treatments. Research has also shown that CBD can prevent seizures in epileptic dogs!

Since medical research done on CBD is still in its early stages, scientists have not yet uncovered exactly why CBD helps with preventing seizures.  However, even in the earlier stages, several studies have proven that taking CBD with other epilepsy prevention drugs can reduce the number of seizures. It also reduces the extremity of these seizures. And the best part is that compared to other drugs that have heavy chemical content and extreme side effects, CBD is still natural and organic.

CBD is making headway in the research community since more people are learning about it. The fact that it is natural and works faster and better than other drugs is one of the biggest reasons people with epilepsy are switching to CBD. CBD is known to provide instant relief without causing a ‘high’.

How CBD works

Since research is still going on, nothing definitive has come out in large numbers, but scientists and doctors believe that CBD might play a supporting role in the hippocampus. The hippocampus is a part of the brain that is used to exchange and transfer data. A seizure can be caused when the transfer of that data is disturbed.

Some scientists believe that CBD affects the brain through NMDA receptors. The NMDA receptors help the brain with memory processing and learning. It is believed that CBD can affect these receptors, too, which results in the prevention of seizures in the body.


*Medical Disclaimer* We are by no means an authority on CBD. The following tips and claims are based on personal experiences and advice from fitness gurus.

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