Acne Treatment with CBD Oil


Acne is a relatively harmless condition and does not cause a lot of pain or weakness. However, heavy acne can lead to facial scarring if it is not treated properly. The scarring combined with acne breakout can lead to psychological and emotional stress for individuals. This is particularly true for teenagers who can experience social exclusion or mockery for acne-prone skin.


Conventional treatments for acne exist but they are hit and miss. A promising new cure for acne is CBD oil. Derived from the cannabis plant, it is one of the many constituents of the plant and is completely safe to use.

Benefits of CBD Oil


CBD oil is regarded as a potential cure for acne because research shows that the body’s natural endocannabinoid system has a role in skin care. Its natural levels form a vital part of determining the overall health and quality of our skin. CBD oil targets this system in particular and helps regulate it.


There are other reasons why CBD oil may prove to be beneficial for combating acne.


Firstly, its anti-inflammatory properties will help to soothe and deflate fresh. Acne, particularly painful ones, usually become inflamed and get filled with pus. CBD oil application will prevent that.


Secondly, you are at risk of bacterial and fungal infection with acne and CBD oil is a known anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent. It will help to ensure your face or affected areas remain safe from infection. Keep in mind that all these benefits primarily target the symptoms but new studies are showing that CBD oil may go beyond that and act as a preventive cure. Acne is the result of an overactive sebaceous gland production. CBD oil helps to inhibit sebum production and thus can prevent acne breakouts.

Using CBD Oil


There are two main ways to treat acne with CBD oil.

  • Topical Application: Mix CBD oil with any other oil or facial scrub. You can apply this to the affected areas and let it remain there for some time so that the skin has the time to properly absorb it.
  • Oral Intake: This can be through ingesting. CBD oil pills or any other method of orally taking CBD oil will work. You can take three to four drops of the oil directly or add it to food. However, it is important to note that direct application to the face often shows more prominent results.
  • Facial Products: Due to the legal status of CBD oil in some states, you might not be able to find facial products with CBD oil. However, if you do manage to procure them then they can be easy applicants for treating Acne.

CBD oil has shown to have the potential to radically change and prevent acne outbreaks. It’s time you start using CBD oil to treat and prevent acne and save yourself or your teenage children from the stress of dealing with acne.

 *Medical Disclaimer* We are by no means an authority on CBD. The following tips and claims are based on personal experiences and advice from fitness gurus.

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