5 CBD recipes to help you live your best life

Infusing CBD Oil into food recipes can be a fun and easy way to incorporate cannabidiol into your daily routine. This wonderful ingredient works well with almost all sweet and savory dishes. Boost the nutritional content of your meals today. 

CBD which can be extracted from the hemp and cannabis plant is not psychoactive, unlike THC, meaning it will not get you "high". Many users of hemp oil have reported a decrease in anxiety, better sleep and reduced pain.

If you’re new to cooking recipes with CBD oil, start small — make half batches to avoid wasting oil, and use small quantities to test how you feel. Using more refined oils when you want less bitterness and aftertaste, and less-refined oils when cooking with strong flavors that can mask their taste. Most importantly, cook at low temperatures to ensure you preserve all the benefits of the oil.

There are many different recipes that range from healthy drinks and sweet treats, use these recipes to boost your lifestyle:


CBD Oil Golden Milk 


CBD Oil Golden Milk


This Hemp Oil Golden Milk Recipe is a brilliant way to use CBD oil for inflammation and joint pain. This recipe is paleo and vegan, stacked with turmeric and other natural healing spices. Prepared and ready for consumption within 10 minutes, this CBD Oil drink recipe will help you feel rejuvenated after a long day.


CBD Oil Mint Tea 


CBD Mint Tea


Summer is finally here! Cool down with a tea brewed with fresh mint leaves and CBD-Infused Honey. Pour over ice for a relaxing refresher. Use this recipe to balance your energies and promote inner-healing. Prepared and ready within 10 minutes, this CBD Oil drink recipe will cool you off on a hot day.


CBD Oil Chocolate Fat Bombs 


CBD Chocolate recipe


Fat bombs are the perfect snack to pair with coffee or a sweet hot chocolate. When you combine fat bombs with the added benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), the perfect CBD chocolate recipe is born. This is an easy to make recipe provided by the talented staff at Bulletproof. Use these fat bombs to power through whatever obstacles lay ahead in your day.


CBD Oil Paleo Flax Bread


CBD Bread recipe


This CBD Oil Flax Bread recipe is a great combination of healthy natural ingredients and Cannabidiol (CBD). Baked and ready for consumption in 40 minutes, this is an easy to make Hemp recipe provided by Nicole Modic at KaleJunkie.


Hemp Infused Butter


CBD Butter Recipe


For ease of use, make this CBD oil recipe ahead of time. You can switch it for any low-temperature recipe that contains butter or margarine! Simply heat your butter with oil and water, cool, then store in a container when you’re ready to use it.


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